New Purpose Built Studio Opening in June 2019 
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HandZone Mobile Massage Studio



Products to pamper, moisturise, heal and revive- Limited product available until new purpose built Studio Opens in June 2019

Creams & Balms

(Locally made or manufactured in Townsville)

Dream Cream $19.95

Hot Body Balm $19.95

Essential Oils 

Mandarine Essential Oil $9.95

Lime Essential Oil $9.95

Grapefruit Essential Oil $9.95

Geranium Essential Oil $19.95

Lavender Essential Oil $14.95

May Chang Essential Oil $9.95 

Essential Oil Burners*

Brown Green Flame Oil Burner $4.95

Lavender Sun Oil Burner $4.95

Blue Fire Oil Burner $7.95

Brown Chinese Cylander Oil Burner $9.95

Tan Moon Stars Oil Burner $4.95

Tan Foot Oil Burner $7.95

Pink Moon & Stars Oil Burner $4.95

Pink Sun  Oil Burner $4.95

Lime Green Sun Oil Burner $4.95

Dark Blue Moon & Sun (cut outs) Oil Burner $4.95

Lime Green Moon stars (cut outs) Oil Burner $4.95

Tan Cage Oil Burner $7.95

Brown Wicker & Purple top $9.95

Faun Kakhi Cage Oil Burner $7.95

Blue Cage Oil Burner $7.95

Pink Moon stars (cut outs) Oil Burner $4.95

Pink Moon stars (cut outs) Oil Burner $4.95

Yellow Moon stars (cut outs) Oil Burner $4.95

Blue Cage Oil Burner $7.95

Yellow Sun Oil Burner $4.95

Tan Star Oil Burner $4.95

Lime Green Moon stars  Oil Burner $4.95

Choc Brown Elephant Oil Burner $9.95

Natural Grey Brown Eliphant Oil Burner $9.95

Bush Flower & Other Essences

ABFE Organic Skin & Space Clearing Mist $14.95

Transition Essence $14.95

Emergency Essence $14.95

Woman Essence $14.95

Purifying Essence $14.95

Adol Essence $14.95

Relationship Essence $14.95

Calm & Clear $14.95

Bach Flower Recue Remedy $19.95

* Actual products may vary to image shown